The very vocal young raven I mentioned in my last post was pretty easy to find most evenings last summer. I named him Bernie because his vocalization, a very frequent (every 30 seconds or so, if I remember well) waawk! sounded just like the somewhat demented whoop! made by the mascot of the Inland Empire 66ers.


I’ve just been calculating – not something I do well, which is one reason I’m not a biologist! However, based on some research about hatching and fledging times, it may well have been possible for Bernie and his parents to have been the ravens from the nest at the edge of the burn area – the birds in this blog’s masthead. Finishing touches on the nest at the intersection of Hollywood Drive and Western Canyon Road were being put on around March 1. From that date there were 68 days or so until the fire. Just long enough. So it’s possible. But impossible to verify. But Fern Dell is straight downhill from there, and the easiest place to flee to if you can’t fly very well yet. With that scenario, Bernie would have been around 130 days old or so at the time of the photo above.

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