The Melrose Gang

Three separate sightings of a trio or distinct trios of ravens in hollywood’s melrose district. the first one I called crazy eddie because he was trying to peck into some high voltage wires. vocalizations were audible through my earpods, or i’dve missed them. the other two showed up about ten minutes after. a crow had alighted on the same pole as c.e. and another raven showed up to see it off. this was just north of formosa and melrose, by the elementary school, in whose large eucalyptus i left the trio.

on the way back from the grove, another trio at clinton and ? not doing much of anything. though they seemed to wonder what i was doing. at one point one of the ravens was sitting in a tree with four or five crows, and not much commotion.

on the way back to the grove, driving south on martel, a trio flew over ahead of me as i was about to cross melrose.