Six Silly Ravens

cavorting 50m and descending over La Tijera and the 405 under a late morning June Gloom (a.k.a marine layer). Good thing, too, because they were heading right for LAX’s inbound flight path.

Family fun in Runyon Canyon

Took a mid-morning hike through RC today, and was rewarded with ample observations, not least of which was the amusing awk! of a fledgling. Eventually his or her voice will change, but right now it sounded far more like a crow – even worse, like a raucous crow fledgling. Nearby were two others – sibling and parent or perhaps two parents. At least one adult anyway, to judge by quorking. Hard to see pink mouths at 20m+ distance.

On my way up the west ridge, I saw a lot of the now-familiar barrel roll plus quork-quork-quork. This is where I get anxious to have a video camera. Is it frolicking, or something more practical? It seems apart from other acrobatics and frolics. But only a lot of data captured on video with metadata will really allow analysis of the same events by many minds.

Got poison oak, too. But not badly.