L.A.’s youth gang problem

14 ravens, many juvenile, in Elysian Park just as Bill indicated, and in spite of my sceptical reaction to his report (I assumed he was seeing crows). After leaving Dodger Stadium and making my way on foot through the vicinity, I came upon the gang hanging around some picnic tables and terrorizing ground squirrels. they all took off when a red tailed hawk flew into the area, and later reassembled on various trees. No crows in the area. Looked to me like they might be roosting there, but that will have to be investigated. It should not be surprising that an area near the river and the stadium – no doubt a big source of food, no matter how quickly they clean it up – would be a congregating point for a gang. I’ve also noted ravens leaving Hollywood and Griffith Park heading in the direction of Elysian Park.

There were lots of cool vocalizations – yawps and quorks and mews and trills and poings and knocks. a lot of the birds were perched fairly low and would be quite good subjects for video, even without a telephoto.