A fine Saturday at the end of Summer

It’s not often I spend a whole day at home here in Billy Wilder Square. With the exception of the early morning, there have been ravens in the vicinity the whole day. There has been one vocalizing loudly nearby for the past half-hour, which strikes me as unusual, unless it actually roosts nearby. The sun is setting, and ravens should be home at this time. It has been delightful to have ravens around so frequently. The other thing I’ve remarked on lately is that although there are plenty of both crows and ravens around at the same time, the crows don’t seem terribly interested in mobbing their cousins. Maybe that only tends to occur in the breeding season.

Wherever you go, there you are with ravens

I can see why non sceptics begin to believe in unusual things. I was just going to the movies. I was not looking for ravens, or going to the parks where I can be sure to see them… no, just driving up Fairfax, near Carthay Circle, when one flew low over the street ahead. Soon I reached it’s perch – an unusually low traffic light, some 6 or 7 feet off the ground.

When I got to the movies (Fairfax and Beverly) what else would be there but a pair of ravens, now on the theater, now on a TV dish, now on a bank. That one had a beak that meant business.

Off to the farmer’s market to kill time before the movie, and watch the Dodgers lose, and lose really well, to the Mets. Decided to scope out the top of the massive parking garage at the Grove. With a view like that, I might be able to take in some commuting ravens at the end of the day. No sooner did I get up there, watching a few crows pass over Maggiano’s cheap essential scenery below, than I turned and found two ravens flying right over and past me – a few meters away before they zoomed off back to Beverly.

Finding ravens wherever you go in Hollywood must mean that people and ravens go to the same places. There aren’t really that many ravens here. It’s not hard to see the concentration of dumpsters and other waste around busy intersections. And then there are the pigeons. Do they leave eggs all over the place? I’ll have to find out. Refuse management in the alleys off Beverly and Fairfax is not very good. There are plenty of restaurants. It would be interesting to correlate restaurant locations and raven visit frequency.

None of this would explain why they always seem to meet on top of parking garages on the very rare occasions I visit them. Well, 2 for 4 anyway. Not really significant. But fun.