and if I stay home…

Thursdays I don’t go to work until mid-day. Invariably, if I am in my apartment through the morning, ravens will turn up to fill Billy Wilder Square with their charming music and conversation. In this case it is often the same raven – that’s my opinion, of course, and not a professional one, but the calls of this particular bird are just atypical enough in tone and expression to be recognizable. So it was this Thursday, at around both nine and ten.

Raven flying above Billy Wilder Square in Hollywood

LaBrea popular with the smart set

Wednesday morning founding me driving LaBrea south through Hollywood instead of my usual rat runs. LaBrea is actually a very good place to be in the morning if you’d like to see ravens. The first pair was hanging out near Pink’s, specifically on the large billboard just above that fine establishment. And unless they were setting airspeed records, a second pair had taken up posts in the same regard at LaBrea and Beverly. To complete the morning, a lone raven seemed to want to race me to Washington, but it was really just heading for a nearby streetlight. Given this sample and those of many other morning drives to work, Hollywood and related areas of LA would appear to be well populated with foraging ravens by 8 a.m.

Various locations

Despite the furious windstorm in the Cajon Pass just before New Year’s, there they were, a pair of birds above the 210 at about 20 meters, managing to soarcle just to make sure I didn’t begin to believe that ravens stayed home during the Santa Ana Winds here. Ravens above the 210 along the Cajon wilderness and pass are pretty dependable.
Yesterday, a pair at LaBrea and Venice, alighting on telephone pole tops; and at least one deigning to land on the curb at LaBrea and Washington. Must’ve seen something very tempting.

Today, as I was waiting for a light at Mansfield and Melrose, a pair hove into view at rooftop height and glided to a stop on telephone poles behind some shops – above the alley that runs parallel to Melrose. They seem to favor both poles and alleys. I’ve got photos from the same alley at Poinsettia.

Raven on utility pole in Hollywood near Melrose and LaBrea

Del-reyvens househunting?

I received word this afternoon that a pair of ravens was seen in HowardHughesland inspecting the site where, until a recent visit by window cleaners, a raven nest had been located. Perhaps they’ll try again their (if it is last season’s couple). The nest on the side of the former Furama hotel is still intact, but there is a lot of construction activity going on there, so it may not be as attractive, or may have belonged to a different couple.

This morning near Iron Moutain (see previous post) a raven sat atop a streetlight for several minutes making the croaking call. Yesterday I noted a raven on Orange, also near Iron Mountain – but that area is an easy one in which to find ravens, especially in the morning hours. If there is a pair that owns the area, it is not clear where they might be roosting when not breeding. If I had a slightly higher observation post, and some very strong binoculars, I might be able to investigate more thoroughly.