Here and there

Driving towards Koreatown, ran across a raven rooftopping at Kingsley and Beverly. Often see ravens in the Santa Monica / Melrose corridor of Labrea, and yesterday was amused by the single crow mobbing a target hidden to me, which turned out to be a raven. The wind has been very strong, so on the upward swing, the diving bird shoots back up as if hurled out of a cannon.

Google Maps is now rolling out its personalized maps service, so I’ll have to take a look and see if it will be useful. So far as I’ve learned, ravens are spread out foraging across Hollywood during the day in pretty good numbers. The only really interesting thing to learn at this point is whether or not other areas in Los Angeles host as many.

Serial nest builders

It is April 13 and the poor downtown Hollywood ravens are still trying to get their latest nest finished up. Apparently the fire escape scene has been a bummer, and they are now living in a billboard at Labrea and Hollywood Blvd at the end of the Walk of Fame. I will never be quite sure, of course, that these pairs are all the same pair. At least this latest site is very easy to observe.

A good omen

I arrived at my Elysian Park parking on Tuesday night about an hour before Dodger baseball game time, and was delighted to see a flock of ravens – 14-16 or so – circling above Chavez Ravine. Where else should a bunch of teenagers be hanging out?