First Ravens of the day

Just for a change, it would be fun to note where I see ravens first each day.

Today, LA marathon morning, they are making a big fuss out on Billy Wilder Square. Usually that fuss is reserved for hawks, but as this is nesting season, I think it one territorial pair fussing at an interloper (or two). The alarm was raised just outside my window, so I had a fine show for a minute or two. The three-call¬† vocalizing is less rapid than one hears when hawks are involved, but just as loud.¬† I noticed a pretty aggressive chase yesterday, two. If this is the local residents, then they would be the ones living down the street at the church, and if I can get photos uploading properly, I’ll have something to write about that, too. Question: is this competition between Runyon residents and Sunset residents?