Official Skeptic Bird?

I nominate corvus corax. A bird that combines curiosity, intelligence, loyalty, playfulness, agility and a healthy skepticism. A bird that can live in the arctic, the desert, and the biggest cities. A bird that changed the course of wolf, and perhaps human, evolution. Not least, the songbird with the most prominent and universally known warning call in nature.

Vocal performance on a Friday morning

This is one of my local ravens – seen day-long in the vicinty of Billy Wilder Square and the pines of Lanewood Ave. – being very vocal at 8:30 a.m. I have no clue what was going on; mostly from a perch in one of the pines, but also with a couple fly-overs to the same spot on a nearby building. Raven mysteries. Sounds almost like a chimp at times. I think it may have grabbed a piece of food from the tree before flying off to Sunset Blvd, but I’m not certain.Was there more food it wanted? Was it having trouble caching? Was it trying to call its partner? RavenLanewood

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