The Crow Line

To most Angelenos, it must seem like crows range everywhere. They love the city and the way humans have made it so habitable for them. However, crows do not range into Griffith Park, and possibly other parts of the Santa Monica mountains. I’ve known this for a long time, but it wasn’t until my visit to Monterey – a place where ravens won’t be found, in spite of their proliferation in California generally – it wasn’t until that visit that I began to think it might be worth while to investigate and map the Crow Line (or the No Crow Line, if you prefer).

I have two things now that I didn’t have the last time it seemed like an interesting project: iPhone and binoculars. I’ve picked out a couple GPS apps to test, which have topo maps. I’ll start inside the no-crow zone and walk out until I find and note specimens of C. brachyrhynchos, repeating the route on different days to build up an accurate data picture of the boundary. After locating the line, more observations can be made to figure out how the line actually works.


All of a sudden have notice lots of non-avian ravens all over the place. The USS Raven of the Star Trek universe (TNG, I think – thanks to Celsius1414 for that one). Raven, the horse ridden by one of the police officers lately murdered in Washington. A small military drone system named Raven. In the film Independence Day, one of Will Smith’s fellow jet fighter pilots is nicknamed Raven. Or maybe it was Will Smith’s character.