Index of LAFIW Scene-Hunting Notes: Tsurune

Seichijunrei 聖地巡礼 anime pilgrimage | Butaitanbou 舞台探訪 scene hunting

ツルネ -風舞高校弓道部

Episode 1 – Weekly Review 290

Extensive identification of locations in most scenes, including the OP.

Episode 2 – Weekly Review 291

A good amount of the locations in this ep. “The position of the bus stop and candy shop is just north of the Miwa 7-8 chōme intersection (三輪七八丁目交差点), however neither exists.” 😢Street view.

Episode 4 – Weekly Review 293

Locations ID’d in Episode 1. Has training camp screenshots.

Episode 5 – Weekly Review 294

Training Camp. Extensive IDs of sites used in the shopping adventure. The kappa is about 9 mins away from a section of waterway used in same part of the episode, and about 2.5k south of Nagano Nishi HS. So the unidentified stairs might be nearer to there – and “Yata Shrine” to the west of downtown in the storyscape. But they also resemble the descent from Ojoji temple, even closer to NNHS.

Episode 11 – Weekly Review 299

Stop at the Service Area (after visit to Saionji sensei)

Episode 12 – Weekly Review 300

Anime Pilgrimage Seichi Junrei